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Gara'jal 10M Strat

i) Raid Leader should use the Gara'jalAnnounce Addon. It help to announce WHO should go every time (I already have it installed , we will test it in our next run).

ii) it's a huge dps race, so the current advice in lots of Forums is go with 2 healers, 6 dps, 2 tanks. Ideally 2 to 4 rdps that can AoE dmg in the Spirit World or that can single burn the Shadowy Minions real real quick. The idea is kill EVERY minion in the First 3 Totems at least.

iii) Text for this strat (the video is useless)

iv) Some forum notes:

Tank Spot

1 - Tanks should be using all their mitigation for when they have Voodoo Dolls, as it will minimize the damage to the other players and help healers. Important, but easy to overlook.

2 - DPS in the spirit realm - We noticed that our SP could take care of basically all the adds in the realm alone until the 3rd totem. We then sent in our Healer/SP/Mage to the realm and had the mage almost immediately leave once he could... just to get the buff. We worked it out to "leave 3 seconds after the button appeared". The healer ONLY healed the mage until he left then would heal the SP and himself. Starting with the 3rd totem we had both dps stay in each phase to help adds. 

Healers - Use your Big/Fast heal that is not mana efficient. Using a priest as an example: Binding heal/BH/fast GH etc. Remember for throughout the fight (spirit realm or not) this fight is about big heals and you will get full mana back quickly. Make sure healers are rotating who goes into the spirit realm too. The healers goal is to get out of the spirit realm as fast as possible - with maximizing buffs on dps. 2 extra heals after the DPS is topped off should do the trick.

2 things to add to that: 1) Starting at the 3rd totem we noticed it was more about getting healers our asap than maximizing dps and we would just have him top dps off so they had button and peace out to help heal in normal realm (not doing an extra 2 casts on each)


4.2.2. Taunting Gara'jal

The off-tank must be prepared to taunt Gara'jal as soon as the main tank is Banished to the Spirit World. This will happen immediately after Voodoo Dolls expires from the main tank, and it should be easy to track.

While Vodoo Dolls is active on a tank, Gara'jal will only attack that tank, and it is not possible for the other tank to take over. Taunting Gara'jal during this time still affects the threat table normally, but the boss will simply not act on this. As such, the off-tank can make sure to be second (or first) on threat by the time the main tank is Banished, at the end of Voodoo Dolls.

Icy_veins Forums:

- Ignore Totems 90 secs before enrage, keep both healers out. Bloodlust and burn the boss. Healers should be able to AoE heal all the dmg from the Minions and keep the tank alive. if one tank get fixated he should use Hand of Protection (if available) or Divine Shield (but lasts 2 secs less). 


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